Saturday, November 18, 2006

Giving- dayed Dec 05

Giving...... Category: Writing and Poetry
I still dont seem to understand how something as unselfish as "giving" something to someone can be so misinterpreted...
I don't mean just material things,i mean love,happiness,time,energy,feelings..
Whenever I've tried to "give "something to someone,(with the exception oF my dog,and a few good ppl...)at the end of it ,all I recieved back was flak..
I mean how can "giving" ever be a negative quality??
And come to think of it ,a few even the gall to say that I was trying to send them on a guilt trip...
When someone does something for you,without you asking for it,why can't you just say "thank you" and be done with it?Okay...dont say "thank you"....Just take what the other person is giving you...(u dont have to treasure it,just take it)HOW HARD IS THAT???
Why cant people just accept the fact ,that sometimes I give,just for the simple reason that I "WANT" to..not because I want to look like this saint,or self-sacrificing idiot,but because I CARE....
I am truly amazed that most people cant believe that there is a word called "unconditional" and that Homo Sapiens are as capable of being "Unconditionally Giving" as other animals (no offence to u ,Lisa...)
I wish people would stop dissecting such things ,and take the time they spend, on stupid assumptions,and spend it on things that need their attention....(like visiting a shrink!!!)
lol...anyways all said and done,I feel sad for them ..and pray to The Alighty to give people like the ones mentioned above,some brains,so they can start thinking logically(if not intelligently),!!!
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