Saturday, December 1, 2007

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thank You


Its been over a year since I have blogged. Does anyone even read them now? Myspace was better, a lot of people who read my blogs actually did talk to me about them , and some have become friends for life. Will this be the same here? I wonder.

Its been a very melancholic day, although I have had a decent amount of sleep, I still am sleepy. So sleepy that I ACTUALLY (shudders) thought of having a Red Bull. I know I should'nt be having unhealthy stuff.. but who cares ? right?

Work beckons, I shall see y'all later (whoever you might be)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Category: Romance and Relationships
I never thought that I'd find someone,
With love so strong and true.
I never thought I could be so happy,
Until the day I met you.
I never thought I'd give away my heart,
And the feeling actually be true.
I never thought I'd find someone so special,
But I found it all in you...
I never thought I could want somene,
So bad it made me cry..
I never thought I'd let this happen,
Now I dread the words "good bye "
I never thought it would make me happy,
Just seeing a smile on your face.
I never thought it could hurt so bad,
When we're not in the same place.
I never thought that I deserved,
Someone as sweet as you.
I never thought someone could care,
About me like you do.
I never thought this feeling would come,
To love someone so much.
I never thought I could be so sad,
Being without your touch.
I never thought I could ever say this,
But I don't know what to do...
I never thought "True Love" existed,
But I found that in you,Kanna!


Where do I even begin this from???

The day you proposed .....was one of the best moments of my life..

I mean i never even imagined that I ,of all the people would be doing something like this,I mean getting married,etc ,etc soon,or with such pleasure...

I mean even now,when i think of the moment I saw you getting down from that stoopid plane,still gives me goose -bumps.....

How can someone know what I am exactly feeling ,when he is 1500 kms.away??

I mean ,the moment I am just about to start to cry ,you seem to know,and dont even let that first tear roll down my cheek...

I always thought that the girl running up to the guy and hugging him when he gets off the plane/train/bus,whatever...was only done in soppy movies

And there I was... doing the same thing

I had always thought that NO one could ever make Me blush,

And there I was ...blushing away to glory,and giggling like a school girl ,evreytime someone even took your name...

I always knew that there was true love out there,but never expected it to happen to me .....

I always knew that there was someone called a soulmate,but I never thought I would eventually find one....

Until SOMEONE dressed in a black shirt,blue jeans,and a brown leather jacket,came into my life,holding a 5" foot huge teddy bear,and took both my breath and heart away~~~

Love you,ra ,kanna...nee bujji.

Engaged!!!!!!!!!! written- Saturday, March 25, 2006

Current mood: excited
Category: Life

We did !!!!

March 18 2006,arond 9:00 in the morning....We ,Ram Pawan Kumar Sista,and Lakshmi Soundarya Andra(soon to be Sista) were officially engaged......(for pics,click on "view more pics "on my profile!!)

So now..where do i start??

Right from the fact that i changed TWO sarees in one day (me??sareees?????2???in one day ??)to the fact that i couldnt even eat idlis properly ....everything seemed so UNREAL !!!

(for people who do not know me ---ive been a tomboy all my life!!and love idlis !!)

I couldnt believe that all this was happening to me....engaged to the cutest guy ,in my world...and also getting a truly wonderful set of parents - in - law,as well as a cutie pie sister - in law ,and also an amaaaazing younger brother.....this was so not what i expected.....TOUCHWOOD.....i wish all the people mentioned above all the happiness and love in the whole wide world guys are truly AMAZING......(am writing this ,coz i know that most of the people mentioned above will not be reading this !!i would be too embarrased ,otherwise !!)

i thought things like these happened only in movies....and to other people,i never thought i would someday find a whole new family that would embrace me as their own ...thank u ,kanna

for that ring,(i still cant stop staring at it !!)

for all this love....

for all this security ...

for all this happiness

for athaya

for mavayyagaru

for deepi

for kishan

for the pyjamas ,and the t-shirt

for the handsfree and the charger

for the chocolate chip cookies and the iced tea....

for the long drive

and most of all ,thank u for coming into my life and turning it upside down ,with ur idiotic stupidity (i mean that in a nice way!!)

Marriage- actually written on Thursday, April 13, 2006

Category: Life

Yes , I am going to be married on June 9th 2006 at 12:14 you......

I thought that all i could be is happy about it ,and now that i sit back and think....i am a bit jittery this normal ???

I know I am very lucky to have been loved and to be in love with an amazingly sensitive,and sensible (a rarity these days,i tell you!!)man....and there are also amazingly nice people in your family who accepted me ,the way I am ,(torn jeans and all!!)

But then ,the whole fact that I am quitting my job with HSBC ,moving to Noida ....which is 15000 Kms away ,and changing jobs,and also am going to take up the role of a "wife" a bit scary ...

Will i still be the same person?will i still be able to call u "kanna" or kick ur a** when u piss me off? will i be judged if i dont eat after u do (for non south indian brahmins,that is what is supposed to be done ,and yes !!there are people who still do it !!!) will i still be wearing old jeans and a comfy t- shirt and sitting in front of the t.v on a saturday morning??

There are other things as well...which might seem silly to someone else ,but mean a lot to still being able to chat for hours with friends or do nothing at all ...coz i "felt like it"

I know ,I know....U will still love me ,no matter what ,and that is all that i want .....

To be able to wake up each morning to YOU....and to be able to be pampered 24/7 ,to go out on early morning long drives,to eat ice cream at 2:00 in the night ,to just head out of home,without planning where to go ,and to cuddle up and sleep with my head on ur shoulder when you are driving....I would give up all that i have,and more .......

u asked for it ,kanna!!!!!

Rewind back to dec 2005 ...written on Tuesday, April 25, 2006

rewind back to december 27 2005
Category: Life

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Current mood: depressed
Category: Romance and Relationships


Staring through life's window,
Watching the days go by,
Who has watched the stars at night
And wanted just to cry?
The deep, dark nights familiar,
The days so bright aren't fair,
I'm sure life's passing me by,
But I'm not sure that I care...
Who has witnessed something
So pleasant and so sane,
Yet felt so damn removed
And been aching with pain?
The advice doesn't do much,
In the way that I would hope,
They tell you not to worry,
And they tell you not to mope...
But sometimes it's just too hard,
And you feel like you're the only
One to ever feel this way,
To ever be so lonely.

Written by Hayley Ross on April 14, 2000

Its 6:00 in the morning...Ive just come home after a 12 hour hectically crappy day at work....and God knows why I cant seem to be able to sleep...

Maybe it was the drive home in the cab that brought this immense sense of loneliness.....I guess it might be the part where the "last drop "is decided...

I suddenly realised,today, that I was the only person who was'nt in a hurry to go home...'coz i had no one to go home TO...I mean everyone else had a wife/husband ..boyfriend/girlfrend..whoever actually waiting for them to be home...and there I one would even notice that I was late....

Why and how do the most mundane things like a cab drop bring these feelings?or is it a raw nerve that gets hit ??

I know i should be counting my blessings,i have a great family,wonderful job,an adoooorable dog...and should be content right now with that...

Then why the hell am i not??

Why am i wallowing in self-pity when I should be looking at the "silver lining"and be thankful that I atleast am not in a crappy relationship...??

But then maybe there is someone out there, just waiting to be swept off his feet....!!!

YOU(whoever u are) LISTENING??

lolz...i guess that's the way life goes .....


cant believe that was me ,i mean just almost 4 months ago....that was what i thought i was...lonely..what would i know ,that just a month and two days later ..we would be deciding we were getting married ...

i know a lot of you out there must be thinking,thats too early ....but then,who decides that ??i mean is 3 years in a relationship "the right time" ??or do you just know when it is right ....??for people who think we might have been too hasty each his own, ive never been judegmental about other people,fill in the blanks with whatever u want to !!!!ha ha ha !!

So anyways where was i ???

yes ,the changes ive gone through these last couple of months from wallowing in self pity to screaming off roop tops euphoria.....from almost having nothing to come home to having the whole world at my feet ...(yes i do believe that u,kanna gave it to me when u proposed !!)

from spending weekends curling up with a good book to spending them all travelling all night to just spend the day with u and come back and work agin on monday....

from looking at a pair of jeans to see how long it would last unwashed,to trying on a ghaghra choli ,and making sure the silk is amazingly smooth....(even knowing i wont be wearing it again soon!!)

from walking into a store and picking up a coupla t shirts in ten shopping for designer gold jewellery all afternoon ..and most of the evening...

i HAVE come a long way.....thanks to u,kanna /(i mean that in a good way ,ok??)

So people ...who know me ,if the next time u see me , i'm actually walking past a book store without stopping to browse,please dont faint in surprise!!!!u will know that the person whose hand i would be holding is my fiancee,and if u see us after june 9th '06,he would be my husband,who falls asleep right after reading half the prologue of a book!!

I started this blog hoping to be a little melancholic about my past life...but then ,just the thought of u ,kanna,makes me smile...and be schoolgirlishly idiotic about us !stop doing that to me ...!!tee hee ...