Wednesday, June 20, 2007

All about me ..written --- Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Very Detailed Survery ALL About YOU!
Known As:: Lakshmi ,also ,idot,dumbo,bujji ,and who can forget idiot
Hair Color:: black,although i wish it wasnt
Eye Color:: black ..ditto
Birthday:: 15 march
Born:: to create havoc in others people's lives
Lives:: in Visakhapatnam,and s moving to Hyderabad ,or wherever my fiancee choses to move,(no im not being the martyr ,i actually loooove moving !!)
Place To Be:: Switzerland
Color:: blue
Shoes:: sneakers
Drink:: iced tea
Word To Use Often:: dumbass,sweetu
Number:: 3
Letter:: k
Your best friend:: mukund,scott..lots of them
Shyest:: shilpa
Loudest:: ADDY!!
Smartest:: RAM
Jumpiest:: me!
Shortest:: me!
One you go to with personal problems:: ruth
You laugh the most with:: ram
fight with the most:: ram
cutest:: jyoti,(u too ,Mr.Ram Pawan Kumar
have you ever dated a friend?: my fiancee is my friend is my boyfriend
Do you like a friend?: refer to above sentence
Does this friend know?: i dont know for sure ,but yes ,we ARE getting married on june 8th '06....kidding!!hell ,yeah he knows !!!(kidding abt the "knows "part ,not abt the wedding!!)
known the longest?: babiya
known the shortest?: addy
do you trust your friends?: absolutely
Do you love them?: yes!!
Would you choose a lover over a friend?: no
Would you always be there for a friend, whether they were right or wrong?: yes
This or That
pepsi or coke: pepsi
dirt or mudd: mudd
light or dark: dark
day or night: night
cold or hot: cold
high or low: low

more abt me
Current mood: crazy
Category: Life

Finish This Sentence...
I am...: me .but NOT whatever u say I am
My ex-boyfriend was...: my past and a royal pain in the a**
Maybe I should....: think forst and speak later
I love....: U darling kanna,and also any one who choses to be in my close proximity
I don't understand....: life ....
I lost my....: dog 5 years ago and my brains when i fell in love!!!
My boyfreind is....: my fiancee is my husband after june 8th 2006,yaay!!
People say I'm...: CRAZY
Love is....: not always a bed of roses ,but is sure wrth a coupla thorns
Somewhere, someone is....: waiting for me to call and wake him /her up ...yes ,i am the "official "wake up caller of my friends group/why ??u work da graveyard shift and see whetheru can get up on time
I will always...: love and cherish people ...
Forever is....: FOREVER!!
I never want to...: live a single moment without knowing there is a person who loves me for what i am
I think the current President is....: no comments
When I wake up in the morning, I....: lay around for ten minutes wishing it wasnt morning yet!!
Life is full of...: happiness,but u gotta know where to find it
My past is incredibly...: stupid,crazy ,impulsive,sometimes very ...but if i had to relive it ,id do it all the same way !!
I get annoyed when...: someone lies to me,or someone mistreats another person/animail ..
Parties are for...: partying ,what else ?
I wish...: i could be with my loved ones all the time
My dog/cat is....: amazingly cute
Kisses are the worst when...: when someone else is looking
Nice....: kanna
Tommorrow I'm going to...: clean my cupboard,i promise u dad ,i WILL!!
I really want some....: ice tea
I have low tolerance for people who....: lie.cheat ,or illtreat women
If I had a million dollars...: i would buy a cute little house by the sea..with a small sweet garden ,a nice library all for myself and give the rest of the money to my darling fiance to do whateverhe wants

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