Saturday, November 18, 2006

10 random unkown(oo think/hope) facts abt me !

10 random unkown (i think/hope so) about me!! Category: Life
Ten random unknown facts about me...
1.I hate (understatement of the century!!!)people telling me that I am a kid..(if u meant it in a cute,sweet ,way,fine...but if its in the "u dont know that ur talking abt kinda way,then boy!!u dont wanna talk to me for atleast 10 days...!!)
2.I learnt the Salsa(dats a kind of dance ,dumbo,NOT THE DIP!!)for a coupla months ,and later gave it up coz it needed a partner full time...(to practice the dance with,before u jump to conclusions!!)
3.I love waking up to a good cup of tea...(who doesnt right?!!)
4.I loooooooove not having ANYTHNG to do on a Sunday morning....(seriously ,i dont do A THING on a sunday.period)
5.I was very very naughty and extremely untamable as a kid...(am not saying i am not,NOW!!)
6.I wanted to be a doctor
7.I listen to Lata Mangeshkar/Kishore kumar and Metallica in the same fifteen minutes..
8.I like eating idlis with loads of ghee on them (Rajeev, HOW did you think I was gonna post a blog without a mention of this????!!!)
9.I am a hopeless,hopeless romantic ,and sometimes do look at life and love with rose tinted glasses...Keep losing them from time to time,but then FIND THEM!!
10.I can be a real pain in the u know what and a darling in the same 5 minutes....

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