Saturday, November 18, 2006

Procrastination--Jan 06

Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Procrastination Current mood: confused Category: Life

I was supposed to havestarted this blog 3 days ago!!!(does that say how good I am at the thing mentioned above?!!)
But seriously,.....It absolutely irritates me when I see my work half - done...I have always had this mental picture of myself when I was growing up...that i would be this dashing person who always has things done on time ...How have I become THIS person??Dont get me wrong,if I have to do something for a friend or a colleague ,or something that is related to my workplace..that is always my top priority,But when it comes to doing things at home(picking the trash,cleaning my room,laundry or daily errands or doing something good for myself...u get the picture..!!),i become this SLOTH!!
I mean why do I do this to myself (or my folks who have to pick up after me !)i never seem to understand...everyday I tell myself...i WILL wake up at 4:00 (pm,that is ..for pple who dnt know me ,i wrk in the graveyard shift so 4 :00 pm for me,might be around 8:00 in the morning for u !!)and end up waking up at around 6:00 ...rush thru my "breakfast "and get to the cab just in the nick of time!
Is it that I value others' work more than mine ,or is it because I have this "always try to look good in front of others "complex....??Why do i find it so hard to day "NO " to pple?
I guess I will have to make a VERY CONSCIOUS effort from now!!!
WTF am i even posting this blog???!!!
In the idiotic hope that I eventually will shame myself to coming to terms with the fact that I need to learn to move my "u know what" for MYSELF too..for a change...
p.s..Dad ,if u are reading this,i promise u will see a much cleaner room than yesterday!!pukka promise....

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