Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lord...forgive me--Jan-06

Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Lord..forgive me Current mood: contemplative Category: Life
I'm never sure of what I'd do in a given situation.....
I don't think I'm a hit and run driver.
But I've never actually been in that situation,
so how can I be so sure??
I dont think I could ever steal...
But I dont have children that have been hungry .
so how can I be so sure??
It is easy for me to pass judgement on others.
but sometimes I wonder what I would do in their circumstances...
I have known fear-and panic.
I dont always think rationally in the presence of fear....I dont always think..
What would I be like...,backed into a corner....with my security wrenched from me???
Lord...,I sometimes wonder what I'm really like...
under the veneers....
If my security in You is really firm..
then it reaches to the inner core,
and I can accept myself---
all of me--
without misgiving.
I can accept responsiblity
for myself--
for what I AM--
for whatever i may DO--
for I am Yours...
Help me realise this ,Lord...and forgive me,if have ever judged a person for his or her actions......

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