Saturday, November 18, 2006

Procrastination-part II -Jan 06

Procrastination-part II Current mood: excited Category: Life
Yaay for me!!
FINALLY got around to doing what was supposed to be done ....(if u have not read part I ,and this is ur first one...then i strongly recommend that u go back and do...this will make more sense then!!!)
so,where was I ??yes!!did finish all that work/cleaned my to do all the laundry (what a fun way to spend the weekend!!)
anyways ,did all that ...and to reward myself for it ,went shopping and bought myself some disgustingly expensive heels...that i've been wanting to but for a loooong time...!!(dad,promise those were NOT half my pay-check!!)
here's hoping that the momentum stays and that i WILL sudhrofy...
but if i dont ..always have to come bk to!!(and beat myself up for it!!)

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