Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Marriage- actually written on Thursday, April 13, 2006

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Yes , I am going to be married on June 9th 2006 at 12:14 you......

I thought that all i could be is happy about it ,and now that i sit back and think....i am a bit jittery this normal ???

I know I am very lucky to have been loved and to be in love with an amazingly sensitive,and sensible (a rarity these days,i tell you!!)man....and there are also amazingly nice people in your family who accepted me ,the way I am ,(torn jeans and all!!)

But then ,the whole fact that I am quitting my job with HSBC ,moving to Noida ....which is 15000 Kms away ,and changing jobs,and also am going to take up the role of a "wife" a bit scary ...

Will i still be the same person?will i still be able to call u "kanna" or kick ur a** when u piss me off? will i be judged if i dont eat after u do (for non south indian brahmins,that is what is supposed to be done ,and yes !!there are people who still do it !!!) will i still be wearing old jeans and a comfy t- shirt and sitting in front of the t.v on a saturday morning??

There are other things as well...which might seem silly to someone else ,but mean a lot to still being able to chat for hours with friends or do nothing at all ...coz i "felt like it"

I know ,I know....U will still love me ,no matter what ,and that is all that i want .....

To be able to wake up each morning to YOU....and to be able to be pampered 24/7 ,to go out on early morning long drives,to eat ice cream at 2:00 in the night ,to just head out of home,without planning where to go ,and to cuddle up and sleep with my head on ur shoulder when you are driving....I would give up all that i have,and more .......

u asked for it ,kanna!!!!!

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