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Engaged!!!!!!!!!! written- Saturday, March 25, 2006

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We did !!!!

March 18 2006,arond 9:00 in the morning....We ,Ram Pawan Kumar Sista,and Lakshmi Soundarya Andra(soon to be Sista) were officially engaged......(for pics,click on "view more pics "on my profile!!)

So now..where do i start??

Right from the fact that i changed TWO sarees in one day (me??sareees?????2???in one day ??)to the fact that i couldnt even eat idlis properly ....everything seemed so UNREAL !!!

(for people who do not know me ---ive been a tomboy all my life!!and love idlis !!)

I couldnt believe that all this was happening to me....engaged to the cutest guy ,in my world...and also getting a truly wonderful set of parents - in - law,as well as a cutie pie sister - in law ,and also an amaaaazing younger brother.....this was so not what i expected.....TOUCHWOOD.....i wish all the people mentioned above all the happiness and love in the whole wide world guys are truly AMAZING......(am writing this ,coz i know that most of the people mentioned above will not be reading this !!i would be too embarrased ,otherwise !!)

i thought things like these happened only in movies....and to other people,i never thought i would someday find a whole new family that would embrace me as their own ...thank u ,kanna

for that ring,(i still cant stop staring at it !!)

for all this love....

for all this security ...

for all this happiness

for athaya

for mavayyagaru

for deepi

for kishan

for the pyjamas ,and the t-shirt

for the handsfree and the charger

for the chocolate chip cookies and the iced tea....

for the long drive

and most of all ,thank u for coming into my life and turning it upside down ,with ur idiotic stupidity (i mean that in a nice way!!)

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