Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Category: Romance and Relationships
I never thought that I'd find someone,
With love so strong and true.
I never thought I could be so happy,
Until the day I met you.
I never thought I'd give away my heart,
And the feeling actually be true.
I never thought I'd find someone so special,
But I found it all in you...
I never thought I could want somene,
So bad it made me cry..
I never thought I'd let this happen,
Now I dread the words "good bye "
I never thought it would make me happy,
Just seeing a smile on your face.
I never thought it could hurt so bad,
When we're not in the same place.
I never thought that I deserved,
Someone as sweet as you.
I never thought someone could care,
About me like you do.
I never thought this feeling would come,
To love someone so much.
I never thought I could be so sad,
Being without your touch.
I never thought I could ever say this,
But I don't know what to do...
I never thought "True Love" existed,
But I found that in you,Kanna!


Where do I even begin this from???

The day you proposed .....was one of the best moments of my life..

I mean i never even imagined that I ,of all the people would be doing something like this,I mean getting married,etc ,etc soon,or with such pleasure...

I mean even now,when i think of the moment I saw you getting down from that stoopid plane,still gives me goose -bumps.....

How can someone know what I am exactly feeling ,when he is 1500 kms.away??

I mean ,the moment I am just about to start to cry ,you seem to know,and dont even let that first tear roll down my cheek...

I always thought that the girl running up to the guy and hugging him when he gets off the plane/train/bus,whatever...was only done in soppy movies

And there I was... doing the same thing

I had always thought that NO one could ever make Me blush,

And there I was ...blushing away to glory,and giggling like a school girl ,evreytime someone even took your name...

I always knew that there was true love out there,but never expected it to happen to me .....

I always knew that there was someone called a soulmate,but I never thought I would eventually find one....

Until SOMEONE dressed in a black shirt,blue jeans,and a brown leather jacket,came into my life,holding a 5" foot huge teddy bear,and took both my breath and heart away~~~

Love you,ra ,kanna...nee bujji.

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