Wednesday, June 20, 2007



Listen to me
Do you hear me?
Do you really understand what I am saying?
Do you even want to know?

Can I just be unrational for a while?
Can I ask to just be pampered?
Can I not be right?

Dont tell me I ain't right cos I know I am not
I dont enjoy this pain
I dont want to feel what I am feeling now
I am as helpless as you are

Yes I have caused my own problems
And no one else is to blame for it
But I dont want to deal with it alone
Can you just see me through this?
And not just tell me what a fool I have been
Because its not like I dont know
It only hurts more when you tell me too

Its easy for this world to give gyan to another
Its easy to tell me get out of my shoes cos they hurt
But its not like you can cushion the ground I walk in
If my mind is messed and cant see reason
Why would your reasoning make sense?
I aint feeling normal today
I will be ok tomorrow
Can you just be with me today?
Just by my side so I know I dont have to be normal or rational
Because you just care for me
Not because I am a rational being

I know that all I need is that bit of care
To feel loved and wanted
To know that nothing else matters but me
And I will see it through today
And be normal tomorrow.

I read this on a friend's blog....and i identify with it sooo much,i mean im actually crying when i write this ....i wish i could be a better human being ...i wish i had the guts to say what i want to whom i want to ....

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buk vorm said...

U HAVE TO SCROLL OVER THE BLACK PAGE TO SEE THE POEM... some problem with the scripts! sorry guys!